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Difficulties and stress are natural when trying to balance between taking care of your senior and your personal life. People who can ‘do it all’ are rare, if even real. This is why you need to consider respite care. It will allow you to take few days off and take good care of yourself.

By the time you decide on respite care, your loved one will probably be accustomed to your daily presence. This is why it’s important to announce your decision to them in advance. With this, you will avoid making them feel frightened or even abandoned.

Telling your elderly what is happening might be hard on them, but it is essential to do as soon as possible. Regardless of respite care being only temporary, they will find it hard to adjust. But, through sincere conversation, it can make you both feel good about respite care.

respite care
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The easiest explanation would be that you need to take a break in order to get rested, so that you can keep providing them with best possible care. Remind them that you still love them and that the current situation is only temporary. Also, be sure to list the benefits of them using respite care such are making new friends and having a ton of daily activities.

Before you send your senior to respite care facilities, be sure that you have all of their needs determined. These communities will always give you a checklist in which you can verify what needs your elderly has.

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Also, it would be desirable to introduce your loved one to the environment in advance. They will be staying there for some time, so make sure that they are satisfied with what they are going to get. This is important to patients with Alzheimer’s, who could feel anxiety when introduced to new surroundings without prior notice.

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