If your loved one is living with Parkinson’s, you know how hard it becomes for them to handle daily life as the disease progresses. Luckily some tools can make things easier for them. By using these, their day-to-day tasks can become doable once again. Here you have a list of tools that can help the elderly with Parkinson’s.

Tools That Can Help the Elderly With Parkinson’s

Stability Aids

Seniors who have this condition find it hard to maintain their balance. You could help them by installing grab-bars in bathrooms, bedrooms, and stairways. Putting them near the toilet can improve their usage of it. Also, you should consider skid-proof mats which will enhance the overall safety of your loved one.

Grooming Tools

Parkinson’s disease is associated with uncontrollable shaking, tremors, and other similar muscle movements which makes grooming difficult. Items such as electric razors and toothbrushes don’t require steady hands. Also, if seniors get easily tired while doing these activities, they should hold a chair near the mirror.

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Dressing Assistance

If your loved one has Parkinson’s, you should buy clothes that have Velcro closures or zippers. Also, their shoes should have elastic shoestrings to reduce the stress of donning and removing shoes. There are also specially designed hooks for easier zipping and unzipping.

Kitchen Devices

To make things easier for your elderly loved ones, equip their kitchen with electric gadgets such as can openers, knives, and blenders. The doors of cabinets are more accessible to open for patients with Parkinson’s if they have handles rather than knobs.

Eating and Drinking

Older adults with this disease have issues with carrying cups and mugs without spilling what’s inside. You should equip them with containers that have lids and straws to prevent this. Plates with rims can also help prevent spills.

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