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Most people aren’t aware of the health benefits of dark chocolate. This delicious sweet has much more to it that you are aware.

5 Major Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Older Adults

It Prevents Heart Disease

Some compounds of dark chocolate can prevent LDL oxidation. As you know, LDL is bad cholesterol. With time and the frequent consumption of dark chocolate, you can lower the risk of having a heart attack. In addition to this, chocolate also lowers blood pressure. All you need is a couple of pieces a week.

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Chocolate Reduces the Chances of Getting Alzheimer’s

By eating dark chocolate, the flow of blood to the brain is improved. This happens thanks to the flavonols that this candy has. By consuming dark chocolate, seniors maintain and improve their cognitive functions. Also, older adults who already have Alzheimer’s can increase their brain function thanks to the theobromine and caffeine contained in chocolate.

5 major benefits of dark chocolate for older adults
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It is a Mood Booster

It tastes good, and it improves the mood. What else do you want? The chemicals that are released into our bodies after consuming it makes us feel happier. The chemical called phenylethylamine that gets released upon eating chocolate is the same one that appears when we fall in love. Phenylethylamine starts the release of endorphin, which is the reason for a mood boost.

It Affects the Levels of Good Cholesterol

We already mentioned that it lowers the bad cholesterol, but it also increases the levels of good cholesterol in blood. The good cholesterol, called HDL, keeps both your arteries and your heart healthy.

Dark Chocolate Lowers the Risks of Skin Cancer

Seniors are the age group most at risk of getting skin cancer, because skin gets thinner as the years pass on. The flavonols contained in chocolate safeguard epithelial cells, which protect skin from cancer. They increase the flow of blood to the skin and reduce damage produced by the sun.

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