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If you started thinking about your aging parent moving in with you, there are definitely some reasons that sparked these thoughts. Perhaps you noticed that they cannot take care of the house anymore, they don’t eat properly, are too lonely, or are too sick to take care of themselves. Whatever the reason, you started wondering, should your parent move in with you and your family? Before you make a final decision, there are some questions you need to answer.

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Should Your Parent Move In with You – Questions You Need to Answer

What kind of care do they need? First you need to determine how healthy your parent is, both physically and mentally. Then you decide whether they need a special care and who will provide it. Will it be you and your family members, or a professional caregiver?

What are the other challenges? Consider the relationship with your parent and what changes will occur once he/she moves in.  Also think about the relationship between your parent and other members of the family that live with you.

should your parent move in with you

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Perhaps you will need to make some adjustments to your home to enable your parent to go through the house more easily. Think about what would be the best room for your aging parent and if anyone currently living with you should change rooms.

How much would the costs increase? Before your parent moves in, you need to plan for all the costs, especially if you intend to hire a professional caregiver. Maybe your parent cannot contribute to the expenses, so you need to crunch the numbers and see whether your income will be sufficient to cover all the costs.

These are only the basic questions you need to answer when deciding whether or not your parent should move in with you. Think wisely and make a decision that will be good for everyone. Once your parent moves in, check out here what you need to do.


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