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One of many conditions that seniors face when they enter their late years is emphysema. This degenerative disease damages alveoli and prevents patients from absorbing oxygen normally. Elderly adults who have emphysema breathe harder and can have other medical issues due to lack of oxygen.

5 Ways Older Adults Can Stave Off Emphysema


When the elderly face emphysema, they can find it hard to exercise. But they should try to walk nonetheless. Even the slightest activity will help their lungs work better. It is essential to strengthen neck and chest muscles which, by breathing deeper, can increase lung capacity. Elderly adults should do different types of cardio exercises at least two times a week.

Keep Weight at Bay

The thing with weight is that you need to keep it in balance. Both being overweight or underweight can cause breathing issues. Seniors who are overweight don’t breathe properly because their lungs have too much pressure on them. However, being underweight can make the symptoms of emphysema even worse.

5 ways older adults can stove of emphysema
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Avoid Polluted Air

Easier said than done, especially if elderly adults live in urban area. Polluted air affects our lungs and can cause inflammation, which can lead to emphysema. In order to lower harmful effects of polluted air, seniors should look to install an air filter in their home.

Diet Should Be Full of Antioxidants

Adding antioxidants to your diet is essential in order to lower the chances of lung inflammation. Emphysema is caused when lungs get damaged by inflammation, so eating ingredients rich in antioxidants is beneficial for overall health. Vitamin C and E are the best antioxidants which can be found green tea, blueberries, ginger, garlic, spinach, olive oil, blackberries, and turmeric.

No Smoking

If your loved one loves tobacco, you must urge them to quit. The best way to prevent emphysema is to avoid smoking and spaces where other people smoke.

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