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There are plenty of decisions when choosing a senior care option. You may decide to hire a caregiver. Perhaps an adult day care center is the best option, or even assisted living. There are many reasons why you should choose this type of care and you need to know there are significant differences between assisted living and in-home care. However, the price is the biggest issue and many don’t know how much assisted living costs. Assisted living is not cheap in general, but there are significant differences among the states.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in the U.S.?

Although it may seem expensive, it costs less than in-home care and some other types of care. According to Genworth, in 2016, the least expensive state was Missouri with the monthly median of $2,537, followed by Oklahoma with $2,803. The list is continued by Georgia, Alabama, Utah, and North and South Carolina. The list of these 10 least expensive states is completed by Florida, Nevada, and Arkansas with the median monthly rate of $3,133.

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how much does assisted living cost

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If you live in D.C., then things don’t seem too good for you if you’re thinking of choosing assisted living. D.C. is the most expensive part of the U.S. with a median of $6,700. Surprisingly, Alaska strongly holds the second place with $5,750. The list of 10 most expensive states is completed mostly with the East coast states: Massachusetts, Delaware, Maine, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. The median monthly rate of the last one is $4,800.

However, the costs of assisted living are constantly increasing. This means in a few years, these prices will probably go up, so you need to plan this increase in advance. If you know cheaper senior care options, please share with us and we’ll be happy to publish them.


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