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When you talk about Alzheimer’s, it’s important to understand that this is one scary disease. The biggest problem is how it affects more than just the Alzheimer’s patients – but also their families. The main worry for loved ones is that their aging family member could lose their senses rapidly. Living with Alzheimer’s is without a doubt an intimidating state. However, what many people don’t know is that it can be slowed down by merely engaging the patient mentally.

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Here we break down the four top methods you can use to help slow the progress of Alzheimer’s, and keep your family members lucid for longer.

Communication with Alzheimer’s Patients

Communication is essential. The easiest way to reach out to Alzheimer’s patients is to talk to them. Take time to listen to their stories, respect them despite the fact that they are no longer fully aware of their surroundings, and make them feel confident once again. Eye contact, friendly gestures, and light touches can positively affect brain activity.


Depending on the Alzheimer’s stage, a caregiver’s job can be quite challenging. It can be hard to determine which direction should you take. Simple things like walking and stretching can serve as a start.


The most vital step in dealing with Alzheimer’s is to keep the mind busy. Never let it wander into nothingness. Simple games such as puzzles, cards, and board games can help keep the patient focused.


An underestimated form of treatment, music is a highly efficient method. Patients with Alzheimer’s are often sad and confused. Listening to music can significantly affect their mood. Also, if a patient is suffering from type 6 or 7 of this disease, some of the previous treatments mentioned might not do the trick. Music always will.

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