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Our nerves have a protective covering, which is known by the name myelin sheath. For reasons which remain unknown to this day, multiple sclerosis (MS) attacks this sheath and creates lesions. When this sheath gets damaged, the nerves stop functioning properly, as they are unable to normally transmit information between them. The symptoms that patients with MS experience vary depending on the level of nerve damage and which nerves are affected. In older adults, this disease progresses more rapidly. Below you have some of the symptoms that your loved one might have with this condition.

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Visual Disturbances in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

In most cases, MS affects the optic nerve which results in eye pain, blurring, double vision, and partial or even complete blindness. If your elderly loved one has his vision impaired because of MS, you need to make sure not to change their surroundings, in order to avoid injuries. In most severe cases, seniors with optic nerves damaged due to MS will need daily assistance with their activities.

Physical Disability

Multiple sclerosis also can affect the nerves in the arms and legs, and when this happens, symptoms can include muscle weakness, numbness, and spasticity. When this happens, walking can become painful and, in severe cases, even impossible. When hands are affected, older adults often lose the necessary motor movement in their hands, making them unable to write or pick up small objects.

Multiple Sclerosis
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Exacerbating Factors

Elderly adults who have MS get tired extremely easily. If they tire too much, their symptoms can worsen. The issue can be made tolerable if seniors have a few rest periods and naps during the day. Overheating and stress can also exacerbate the symptoms and should be avoided.

Emotional Well-Being

Patients who live up to an old age with MS get used to living with this condition. But with too many years, MS can cause dementia or other cognitive impairments. When lesions start appearing on the brain, your loved one will need all of your love, patience, and compassion.

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