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A terrifying statistic that shows liver disease kills the most Americans over a one-year time frame is often overlooked. 32 million people are affected by various liver conditions. 16,000 of them is waiting for a liver transplant as we speak. To help you spot the signs early, here we are listing…

5 Symptoms of Liver Disease in Older Adults


The easiest way to notice that your loved one has issues with their liver is by looking at their skin. A purple rash on the lower end of the legs is an indicator. Also, many people feel an itch on their palms and feet during the night. Another sign tied to feet and hands is the color of nails. If it changes drastically, it’s the liver.

Urine and Stool

People whose urine color corresponds with the color of root beer have liver issues. Also, the bright color of urine is not right, as this is even more evident that troubles with the liver are starting.

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Looking at the eyes carefully can tell you if a senior’s liver is functioning properly. If there is a yellow tinge around the edge of the eye, it is an indication that bile is piling up in the body. Also, most people with liver issues get bumps on their eyelids. Liver issues also can affect the vision of older adults. The liver issues first affect the elderly’s ability to see clearly at night.


In some cases, a senior’s stomach expands even if they are not eating too much. When the liver is sick, it often fills the stomach with fluids. Sometimes these fluids put pressure on the diaphragm, making it hard to breathe.


If your loved one complains about fatigue and is unable to enjoy life as before, it could be that their liver is the cause. There are a few liver diseases that send mixed signals to the brain and make seniors feel constantly tired.

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