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With age, the enjoyable and everyday need for a shower can become dangerous. Because of that, older adults, especially those that still live at home, need to keep themselves safe. The way to do this by avoiding slips, falls, and injuries that can happen under the shower. Elderly who don’t have assistance at home are in more significant danger of succumbing to one of these misfortunes.

Shower Safety Tips for Seniors

Avoid Slippery Soaps

The market is overflowing with various types of soap. Seniors who enjoy quality products often opt for buying those that they deem high-quality. While some of them might be good for the elderly, some should be avoided. One of the biggest shower hazards is soap. If seniors are careless, they can easily slip on soap and suffer massive injuries. Seniors are advised to buy soaps low in oils and other ingredients that can cause slipping.

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Install a Shower Seat

The shower seat will make showering more comfortable and a lot safer for seniors. Chairs or benches in a shower are also great for older adults who have issues with mobility.

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Use Non-Skid Mats

Nonskid mats are an excellent investment for elderly who want to be safe while showering. These skids are put on the shower floor, and they soak in the water. If you don’t have nonskid mats on the shower floor, the chances are high that you will eventually slip and fall, which can have even lethal results. These rugs come in various shapes and colors, so you will easily find the one that suits your bathroom.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are safety devices which help seniors in maintaining balance and reducing fatigue. They are easy to install and are especially useful for elderly who have mobility issues.

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