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People who have diabetes know the harsh truth. Managing this disease is like having a second job. Every diabetes patient has the same regimen. They monitor blood sugar levels, take medications at a specific time, and are very careful about what they eat in order to avoid complications that could endanger their life. But it doesn’t need to be like that. People with diabetes who are prepared to work hard and more than just managing this disease could find a cure.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

When you have this type of diabetes, losing weight is crucial. Having many more pounds than you should affects how your body uses and produces insulin. By shedding weight and eating properly and healthily, blood sugar levels can be reduced. Some people can even bring their blood sugar level to the mark where it was before they developed this condition.

Can You Get Rid of Diabetes with Diet and Exercise?
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So, in a manner, you can reverse diabetes, but it depends on many factors. Some of them include how long you have had diabetes, how dangerous your case is, and a bit of something with your genetic material.

According to most recent studies, 1 out of 10 people was able to reverse their diabetes with a regular diabetic routine, exercising, and minimal intake of calories. They are now able to live without diabetes medications, and their blood sugar levels are far below the mark they were prior to diabetes. The most important part of their success was the fact that they lost 10% of their body mass. Thanks to this, they either eliminated diabetes or lowered it to a non-threatening level.

But, as we said, only 1 out of 10 people will manage this. So this method, unfortunately, doesn’t work the same for everyone. Some people are genetically prone to diabetes. But if you developed diabetes because of poor health choices and an unhealthy lifestyle, you may be able to reverse the process. Or at least reduce it to an acceptable level. But if diabetes runs in your family, and you are severely overweight, the chances of bringing blood sugar levels to a pre-diabetic state are slim.

Can You Get Rid of Diabetes with Diet and Exercise?


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Curing Diabetes With Food

Body fat is one of the main factors in developing this condition and because of that weight loss is essential for everyone who wants to get rid of diabetes. This means that you need to reduce calorie intake and replace unhealthy food choices with healthy ones.

The diet which is best for people with diabetes includes lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. Foods that will help you reduce blood sugar levels also contain fiber and complex carbohydrates. These foods will slow down your metabolism. You probably know by now, but alcohol and sweets are a big no-no.

Can You Get Rid of Diabetes with Diet and Exercise?


Starting Your Diabetic Exercise Routine

Most diabetics avoided exercising and thus gained weight. Because of that, when they decide to start, they should go slowly. By slowly increasing the intensity, they will prevent injuries. According to the American Diabetes Association, people with diabetes should exercise five times a week, 30 minutes per workout. This applies to cardio training. They should also spend two days a week working on their strength.

In addition to helping you shed unnecessary weight, exercising has another perk important for diabetes patients. By working out, you will make your body more sensitive to insulin. Because of this, working out is a dual threat for diabetes. It will reduce the symptoms of this disease, but it will also protect you from complications that come with this condition.

But don’t be fooled. Changing your life from unhealthy to healthy won’t be easy. You will need a ton of determination, but with a proper workout regimen and the right diet, you give yourself a chance to say goodbye to diabetes.

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